Re-thinking Abstracts – presented by Dr. Amanda Niehaus

Date & time: 12/07/2018 (9:00 am – 12:00 noon)

Location: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center (Plaza level, Room P11)

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Information from Amanda:

In this workshop, I want to focus on writing strategies that increase the impact of our research across academia and to the public. The stories we tell the world matter, and how we tell them means everything.

I’ll show you the “Nature” method for abstract writing, and discuss how it’s changed how I approach my entire research program. Be prepared to write an abstract from scratch, but don’t stress! I want to show you that the process of writing is as important as words on the page.

We’ll also read some different kinds of short pieces and talk about what kind of information they convey and how they do it. Come with an open mind—you may be asked to read poetry!

Finally, we’ll talk about writers’ blocks. What they mean, how to get through them, and yes, they happen to everyone.

And in case we haven’t met yet, I’ll tell you a little about myself. I recently finished a DECRA on ageing in northern quolls, but looking forward, I’m interested in the study of science communication. Alongside my academic work, I write essays, stories, and I have a very science-y literary novel coming out next year. There are some links and resources on my website if you’re interested in science/art crossovers: