Public lecture

This year’s public lecture will be presented by Professor Rob Brooks from the University of New South Wales.

Conference delegates can now attend without registering by wearing their name tag obtained at the ASSAB conference.


Robert Brooks

Evolution & Ecology Research Centre, The University of New South Wales, Sydney.

Key Words: sex, competition, economics, culture, conflict

Sex, reproduction and family living often radiate sublime beauty, infusing the arts and all of human creativity, quickening our pulses and elevating our hearts. Why, then, so much heartbreak and misery? How can sex sometimes be so intoxicating and at other times so toxic? Having spent much of my working life studying the dark side of sex in small animals, I have recently descended into the study of human relations and how Darwinian processes combine with economic and cultural forces to make sex and reproduction so complicated for individuals and for societies. I will discuss ideas about sex as a social transaction, how a rising price of sex has made humans the complex cultural and economic beings we are today, and how the origins of much human conflict can be found in the battle over the price of sex.

Location: Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Garden’s Point Campus in P-block, The Kindler Theatre (room 421).

The fastest way to reach the QUT Gardens Point campus is by crossing the Goodwill Bridge south of the Convention Centre.

Please consult the map for detailed directions.

Members of the general public who wish to attend the public lecture must book here

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